Vivian Atienza is a Spanish-german painter, born in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1983.
Decending from an andalusian bloodline of painters, during her studies of art history and philosophy at the Heinrich-Heine-University  Düsseldorf, 2008-2013, she profounded her painting skills with the intellectual perspective of philosophical theory and Art Theory.  She dedicated herself to find the fusion of color frequency, movement  and the metaphysical body of thought, which is reflected by her figurative and abstract paintings. Always playing with intense color expression and color perception, due to the use of neon pigments and UV-Light, extending the radius of the perceptual fields.

One of the artists core topics in her art is Transformation.
As part of alchemical processes of life, matter and the human being itself, undergo different states of consciousness on the way to sublimation of self.

The artist´s motivation is to create a wide ranged perceptual space for tangency between the cleft of  untransformed and  " to be transformed" spaces of consciousness .
The  gap in which different dimensions of reality within ourselves may meet and  offer  inspiration as an invitation to encounter perception of self.

As life comprises a cataclysmic element of transformative cycles, the artists paintings contain a glimpse of that internal  journey which  may resonate with the observers own life experience and the dissolution of stagnant structures in subtle.